NurChat helps kick start NHS Change Day

NurChat has always supported healthcare professionals online getting together to discuss pertinent issues in the sector, but this was the first opportunity to partner with such an exciting project with the lofty aim of making tangible change in the NHS.

NHS Change Day is hoping to attract voluntary pledges for change from no less than 65,000 NHS staff members, and on 13th March 2013, those changes will be implemented. Pledges for change can include any type of activity that promotes positive outcomes, improves customer service, streamlines communication or creates positivity in the workplace.

In one of the busiest NurChat discussions ever held, 35 people all contributed their ideas on the practical changes that could be achieved, with many emphasising a return to the essential principles of nursing such as knowing your patients and adopting an approach to managing wellbeing rather than treating sickness.

NurChat facilitator Donna Mullikin RN said, “It was one of the most exciting discussions we’ve ever held, and with so many people passionate about change in the NHS, it was really inspiring to see some excellent suggestions for change being put forward.”

If you want to find out more about NurChat or NHS Change Day, visit – Get involved with NHS Change Day or tweet us @NurChat

A Fond Farewell and An Exciting Update!

As I’m sure many of you will know by now Teresa, who has hosted NurChat for the past year is moving on from Newcross on 5th July. So we’re saying a fond farewell to Teresa but also welcoming Donna Mullikin, who is going to be leading NurChat going forward. Donna has worked in healthcare for 16 years, in acute medicine, eldercare, care homes and mental health. She is now working as a Clinical Assessor / Risk Assessor for Newcross, and her work involves assessing client needs and risk assessing with her specialist focus on learning disabilities, paediatrics, mental health and complex needs.  

NurChat was born when Teresa found there was a need to provide an opportunity for nurses and healthcare workers to engage in professional discussion about issues either concerning best practice or being discussed in the public forum. NurChat has grown since its birth in August 2011 to not only provide nurses who take part in the discussions the opportunity to submit their learning as part of their PREP requirements, but to also offer a way for both nurses and healthcare workers to continually develop their practice and knowledge.

NurChat has become such as popular way for nurses and healthcare workers to communicate that we will of course continue to support and grow the community. We’re going to be working with guest contributors from all across the healthcare sector over the coming year to organise some exciting and varied NurChats for you.

We’ve also launched a brand new dedicated site for NurChat – you can check it out here It’s packed with new tools and features that will mean you can interact with NurChat in more ways than ever before. You can sign up for email notifications of posts, watch the #NurChat discussion live from the site and download a proof of participation CPD certificate each time you participate in a NurChat. All NurChat updates will be posted there in the future, so make sure you head over there.

I’m sure you will all want to join with me in wishing Teresa a very fond farewell and Donna a very warm welcome, so please leave your comments below.

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